Make Money in Graphic Design

Graphic Design ImageWhat is the Problem?

People who are creative and have design skills have a big advantage in the field of business. The problem is that many creative-types don’t know how to make money with their assets. Artistic people typically aren’t skilled in the areas of business and marketing – or vice versa for that matter.

Many artists stick to doing their craft in their spare time. Those who are adventurous enough to turn their hobby into a business usually fail because they have no idea what to do when it comes to running a company or finding customers.

Tools You Can Use to Your Advantage

The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in business, sales and design to make money in creative media. You can use simple tools and online resources to essentially take care of the business and marketing aspects for you – so you can stick to what you’re good at: being creative!

There are lots of opportunities for graphic designers to generate income, and the internet has made the opportunities grow even more. Small businesses consistently need help with logos, ads, brochures, DVD labels, company signs, branding, etc…

man with a laptopHowever, on top of that, there are even more opportunities with websites, ebook covers and digital product packaging graphics. Working in the digital arena can be especially lucrative because these types of products often cost very little money to produce. Therefore, business owners have more money to put toward packaging while they still make a sizable profit on product sales.

Knowing how to make custom ebook covers and web graphics is am important skill to have, but where to do you learn this?

There is an online course that consists of a series of videos. It’s called Graphic Design Masterclass, and it costs less than $20. Considering that a single ebook cover or web design project can take in significantly more than $20, the class is a steal.

The course is actually designed for business owners who want to learn how to design their own graphics – but why not take these strategies and use them to your advantage: to make money. Most small business owners would rather hire a designer to produce their creatives because they simply don’t have the time to do it themselves.

So once you have learned how to make the graphics that entrepreneurs want, how do you find them and get them to pay you?…

Finding Customers for Free

woman with line of customersOne of the best resources for finding customers is free. It’s Fiverr. Most people know Fiverr for it’s $5 outsourcing jobs. However, it’s a great place to find clients who are looking for designers to hire for multiple ongoing projects.

You see, Fiverr gives business owners the unique ability to “try out” freelancers with very little risk to see if they like what they do. I’ve seen several instances where business owners find a freelancer through Fiverr that they like, and they end up paying them for all of their design/copywriting projects year-round. Click here for more information.