A Surprisingly Simple Way to Start a Business in Video

Woman doing video editing work for clientLooking for a new business idea? A surprisingly simple way to get started with your own business is to help others succeed with theirs. Wait – What?#!

That’s right. Help other business owners by providing services that will help them save time and help them make more money. It’s an easy sell (they want to make more money), and there are lots and lots – and lots – of business owners out there.

So what do business owners need help with?

Well, there are plenty of things, but one item that comes up again and again is marketing. No one want to do it – even many entrepreneurs.

But you don’t need to be a marketing salesperson. One of today’s hottest marketing strategies is video, and if you can help entrepreneurs produce and edit videos to market their companies – well, you’ve done them a huge favor, while making yourself some money.

And by the way, the going rate for editing 5 minutes of video is about $300, according to video production and marketing pro Jules Watkins. Not too shabby for work you can do from home, right?

Hold on. I know you’re probably thinking, “This won’t work. I don’t know how to edit video.”

Think again.

These days, you don’t have to have extensive experience or skills as long as you have access to software that will do it for you. (ScreenFlow is a popular program that costs under $100) As long as you are willing to spend a couple of days or a weekend learning how to use software that will essentially do your jobs for you, those $300 video editing jobs are waiting to be taken.

Whether the client has their own video they need edited into a professional version they can show to customers – or you do use screen capture, animated text or a dynamic photo slide show – there are many ways you can produce awesome videos without having to pick up a camera!

Clients don’t care if you know exactly how the software does the work – as long as they are happy with the finished product.

More on ScreenFlow if you’re interested:

So where do you find customers in the first place?

Without going far, you can help business owners in your local community. People whom you’ve worked with or who recognize your face are easier. For example, think about your drycleaner, hairdresser, chiropractor, restaurants you eat at, your gym, etc… These days, many small businesses are smart enough to set up a website, but they don’t necessarily know what to put on it. That’s where you come in – video!

Another option is to look online.

But rather than pay for ads online or in search engines (which can get expensive), why not use a resource like Fiverr that won’t cost you money out of pocket and can help you generate income at the same time?

Many entrepreneurs dismiss Fiverr as a viable source of income – I mean, how can anyone make real money getting paid $5 per gig, right?

The crazy thing is, there are plenty of people making money through this site, but they employ certain strategies that help them do it. For example, Corey Ferreira, a top seller on Fiverr, incorporates special wording in ads to get more people to buy – and uses “extras” to boost the amount of money buyers pay you.

Many successful sellers on Fiverr start selling small gigs and gradually build up their customer base. At a certain point, they’ve got lots of repeat customers paying them money on a regular basis. Now, the business has become a lot more automated and Fiverr sellers can decide to offer additional higher-paying services to their existing clients and make more income – without even having to go out and find more customers. Imagine that.