Starting Your Business… Made Easier

Barb's business planOne of the most challenging things about starting a business is all the “unknowns”. How much will it cost? How much time will it require? …Will it succeed?

All of these unknown factors can become quite overwhelming, especially when you aren’t getting any answers. In fact, many would-be entrepreneurs never get started because of this issue alone.

That’s why I think business plans are so helpful. Not only can they provide many of the answers that business-starters are looking for, but they give people a path to follow, so that opening a business doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. They can also help you find people to give you money to start your business.

However, sitting down to write a plan doesn’t sound like much fun. It seems more like doing homework or writing a report. Entrepreneurs usually want to jump in and do the fun stuff – things they’re good at.

A much easier (and) fun way to do this is using an online step-by-step program like LivePlan. You don’t have to know anything about putting together a plan, but the end result is a professional business document, making you look like a pro. Here’s a short clip on what I mean:

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You don’t have to know the proper information to include or the right questions to ask, because the program walks you through the process. It’s actually surprising – just getting ideas down on paper in an organized format helps people see how profitable their business concept really can be.

Here’s a detailed video that goes inside the software and shows you how to start your plan:

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